Who are we? Two young utopists hoping to be able to travel the world full-time someday…

More seriously, we are two swiss students and travel lovers. We believe that we should embrace all the opportunities we have to discover the world and its wonders! Since we travel a lot (at least as much as we can), we decided we wanted to share with you all our tips and adventures. We are young and try to get the most out of every trip, and we’re sure some of our experiences may be useful for you! We have already visited 40 countries and we are still counting. A lot of projects are in our mind and we are sure you’re going to like it! If we’re lucky, one of them is going to happen during Summer 2020… And we are working on another project on sustainable tourism and we are currently looking for some partners! So if you are an actor of sustainable tourism, or wish to become one, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Indeed, we are very sensitive regarding sustainable tourism. We want to help you discover what it is and how you can implement this new way of travelling in your life. Sustainable tourism is very important. It is our duty to help promote local economy, have a better impact on our planet and the people around us.

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