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Cuba – TOP 10 things to do

Would you like to experience a total change of scenery while enjoying the generosity and art of living of Latinos? Cuba should definitely be next on your bucket list! And if you are looking for top things to do while in Cuba, you found the right place!

Whether you want to learn more about the communist and revolutionary history of this extraordinary country, enjoy a luxuriant nature, white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water, Cuba will meet all your expectations!

Without further delay, here are our Top 10 things to do while in Cuba:

1. Watching a sunset at El Malecon

El Malecon is a long street all along the sea. It is also the best spot to enjoy a wonderful sunset on the Havana! Be careful there could be a lot of people trying to sell you something…

amazing sunset over the sea and buildings in El Malecon in La Havana Cuba

2. Getting lost in the amazing streets of la Habana Vieja

La Habana Vieja deserves a couple of days to visit it all! You can walk all around its nice streets full of colours, emerging yourself in the lives of the Cuban!

traditional coloured houses in La Habana Vieja in Cuba

3. Wandering in the colorful streets of Trinidad

Trinidad is a small city in the southern part of Cuba, in the middle of the island. It is so picturesque and surrounded by nature! The best thing to do is to climb up the Palacio Cantero to have a glimpse of the entire city.

view of a church and houses from above and trees in Trinidad Cuba

4. Horseback riding in tobacco, coffee and other plantations in Viñales

Viñales is a very touristy little town however it is the perfect spot to get connected to nature! You can go walking or horseback riding in the surroundings to have a better understanding of the plantations out there.

horse riding in the forest and the green mountains in Viñales Cuba

5. Going to the swimming pool of Hotel Los Jazmines in Viñales to enjoy the view on the Mogotes all aroung you

Mogotes are kind of round hills full of trees. The best place to have a breathtaking view over them is the Hotel Los Jazmines. You can pay to access the swimming pool to enjoy the wonderful view.
Our tip: stay until the sunset to enjoy even more!

a man seating a looking at green mountains in Viñales Cuba

6. Going to El Nicho Waterfall near Cienfuegos by “Taxi collectivo” and swimming there

If you are travelling from Cienfuegos to Trinidad, you can take a taxi collectivo, a kind of shared minibus, that will pick you up in your casa particular, bring you to the waterfall and then drop you in Trinidad!
El Nicho Waterfall is a natural beauty where you can enjoy a cold swim and slide on the rocks, which is really fun!

Waterfall in the forest at El Nicho Waterfall in Cuba

7. Learning more about the history of the Cuban revolution at the Museum of the Revolution in Habana

Visiting a new country is also about learning about its history, what makes it what it is right now. The museum of the Revolution is the perfect place to understand what happened during the Cuban Revolution (think Che Guevara and Fidel Castro)!

Official white building with sculptures  in a museum of the Revolution in Havana Cuba

8. Chilling on the steps of El Capitolio in the sun and enjoy the life of Habana

After a good lunch or a long walk, the Capitolio when the sun is shining is a great spot where to sit and relax while having a look at the Habana Vieja!

Old traditional building called Capitolio with a blue sky and palm trees in Havana Cuba

9. Strolling around Parque José Marti in Cienfuegos and admire the local architecture

Cienfuegos is the perfect stop while travelling from Viñales to Trinidad as it is a small and beautiful city not very touristy!

View from above of an official building and a church with a park in Cienfuegos Cuba

10. Booking (well) in advance and go to Cayo Levisa.

Cayo Levisa is like a small heaven when it comes to beaches! There is only one small hotel on the beach, so you have to book really early. We unfortunately hadn’t the chance to go there, this leaves us no other choice than to go back one day 😉

sandy beach with crystal clear water in Cayo Levisa Cuba
photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

Our tips:

  • Staying in “Casas particulares” allows you to really get in touch with Cubans, talk with them and learn more about them! In addition to their warm welcome, these accomodations are really not expensive and the breakfasts (for an extra fee) are awesome!
  • Be prepared to disconnect yourself from the internet! Take the most out of this experience and enjoy this break!
  • Use Viazul buses to connect cities : reliable and cheap!
  • Check this article from the Tales of a Backpacker which really helped us plan our trip : “The best Cuba itinerary for 2 weeks in Cuba“!

Our itinerary:

As you can see, we still have the Eastern part of Cuba to visit… For our next trip there!

Do not hesitate to check our other articles, many more are coming soon! You can also follow our adventures on Instagram!


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