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Top 10 things to do in Los Angeles

Hollywood, Santa Monica, Universal Studios, etc. Los Angeles always remembers something to anyone! LA is one of the most famous city in the world and if you are looking for things to do in Los Angeles, our top 10 will help you!

In total, we have lived for 6 weeks in LA, in different parts of it! We can consider ourselves as ”expert” 😉

1. Hiking to the Hollywood sign

Everyone knows it, you have to see it! You can reach it after a moderate hike but it’s worth it!

Hollywood sign with houses and trees in Los Angeles USA

2. Biking in Venice Beach and discovering this crazy place

Between Santa Monica and Venice Beach, you can rent bikes almost everywhere, and honestly, it is so cool! Venice Beach is really worth a stop, it is so different from the rest of the city!

a girl and a man riding bikes in Venice Beach in Los Angeles USA

3. Enjoying a sunset in Santa Monica

You need the feel the good vibes of Santa Monica and what’s better than a sunset to make it even better?

a girl smiling during sunset with a rollercoaster and the beach in Santa Monica in Los Angeles USA

4. Feeling like a child and letting your inner cinema geek go out in Universal Studios

If you go to Los Angeles, you probably love cinema, so head to Universal Studios to try rollercoasters based on movies! You will spend an amazing day there!

Universal studios fountain in Los Angeles USA

5. Learning some cool stuffs about astronomy at the Griffith Observatory 

The Observatory is located on top of a hill so you get a great view on LA, from Downtown to the beach. Inside, there are some interesting facts about the Earth and the Solar system.

Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles USA

6. Going for a hike in Runyon Canyon to enjoy an amazing view all over LA

If you feel like you want to do some sports, go for a hike in Runyon Canyon! But be aware of snakes, you may meet with some of them…

A view of Los Angeles and the downtown from Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles USA

7. Learning more about the history of cinema at the Warner Bros Studios

These studios are quite different from the Universal Studios as these are more focused on the history of cinema. You will be able to walk on the sets of many movies, which is quite cool!

Warner Bros Tower in Los Angeles USA

8. Relaxing at Echo Park

Near Downtown LA and its crazy skyscrapers, you will find a peaceful heaven called Echo Park. This gorgeous park will make you feel in another city!

Echo Park with the lake and the fountains in Los Angeles USA

9. Getting a shot of adrenaline with the amazing rollercoasters in Six Flags

If you like rollercoasters and want to get a shot of adrenaline, you have to go to Six Flags! The rollercoasters are huge and pretty hardcore, so get ready to scream!

Rollercoasters and palm trees at Six Flags in Los Angeles USA

10. Renting a car and hitting the road on the highway 1 to start one of the best road trip experience ever

Take your car and head towards San Francisco as the first step of an amazing journey!

Bridge over a valley and the sea on the highway 1 between Los Angeles and San Francisco USA

Our tips:

  • LA is a very expensive city for accommodation… We decided to book an apartment on Airbnb and had the chance to get some really well-located apartments for way cheaper than hotels!
  • Book everything in advance as it may help you save a lot of time and money!
  • One of the best place to enjoy the sunset is at the Griffith Observatory, however, make sure to get there early enough as it may very busy at that time…
  • LA is a good place to start your road trip on the West Coast! It was the starting point and ending point of ours! Maybe you will soon get some more news about it 😉

Do not hesitate to check our other articles, many more are coming soon! You can also follow our adventures on Instagram!


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