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Miami – Top 8 things to do

Have you ever wanted to visit the vibrant city of Miami? Home of all extravagances, this city is worldwide famous for its sunny weather, its parties and its beaches!

Here is our top 8 things to do in Miami:

1. Meeting alligators in the Everglades

Taking a boat tour in the Everglades is a unique experience, you get to get so close to those impressive animals but don’t worry you’re safe!

Alligators  in the sea in the Everglades in Miami USA

2. Relaxing in Miami Beach

Because visiting all around is fun, but you should not forget to lay down, get some tan and enjoy! Do not forget your sunscreen!

Miami Beach with volleyball fields palm trees and beach in Miami USA

3. Going for a 1-day or 2-days trip in the Bahamas

Crystal clear water, white sand and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, yup you don’t want to miss it, we’re telling you!

White sand beach and crystal clear water in the Bahamas

4. Renting a car and driving south to the Keys

A kind of highway built on the sea with some cutes small towns, only in Miami!

Small bridge with a bird on it and the sea in the Keys in Miami USA

5. Discovering the Art Deco district, at Ocean Drive

Take some time to wander in the Steets and appreciate your surroundings.

Art Deco district with coloured buildings palm trees in ocean drive in Miami USA

6. Taking a boat tour to see some of the most expensive houses in the world

You probably can’t afford a bedroom in one of these houses, neither can we… but they are still very nice to see and one can still dream, right?

White huge house with palm trees in Miami USA

7. Partying in the buzzing Miami nightlife

Don’t forget, legal age is 21 there!

Coloured buildings in Ocean Drive Miami USA

8. Going shopping in one of the most expensive shopping centers in the world or anywhere else

Or just window-shopping, because money is not unlimited but that shouldn’t stop you for seeing beautiful pieces of clothing.

Shopping streets with palm trees and people in Miami USA

Our tips:

  • The island of Bimini is very close to Miami and can be reached by boat in a 2-hour trip! There is only one hotel, the Hilton, and it can be expensive! However, if you have time, you should definitely visit the Bahamas and its crystal-clear water!
  • When looking for a hotel, make sure to book one in South Beach, it is where everything happens! 
  • If you want to go the Keys, plan at least 2 days there to enjoy it most! Moreover, you can visit the Turtle Hospital! You will learn a lot of things about them and by visiting them you help them continue their remarkable work!

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