Switzerland – TOP 10 Things to do (Part.1)

It was impossible for us to create this blog without telling you a little more about our country. So if you are looking for top things to do while in Switzerland, you found the right place!

Often, we try to visit the world without taking the time to visit our own country. This is the observation we have made… sadly! This is why we will not propose you only one article on our country but several, which will be made according to our new discoveries! This article have opened our eyes on the lack of knowledge of our country. We have therefore decided to visit it as much as possible during the upcoming months!

So, here are our top 10 best things to do in Switzerland:

1. Observing the Jet d’Eau of Geneva

If you land in Geneva, go straight to the lake to observe the wonderful Jet d’Eau. It is a huge fountain that is 140 meters high and the symbol of the city!

Jet d'eau on the Geneva Lake on a blue sky in Geneva Switzerland

2. Going down the slopes at full speed in a ski resort

In Switzerland, you will find the best conditions to practice your ski skills, so go for it! You can choose between so many resorts, like Verbier, Portes du Soleil, Villars sur Ollon, Zermatt, to name only the most famous!

Winter forest with snowy trees and mountains in Switzerland
Here in Villars sur Ollon

3. Touring Mont-Blanc in a small plane

Where is the best place to have a look at the mountains? From the sky! If you are not afraid, jump in a small plane and enjoy the show!

View of the Mont-Blanc Mountain from a small plane with snow in Switzerland

4. Climbing up to Glacier 3000 and enjoying a breathtaking view

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on top of the Glacier? Glacier 3000 is the place to go if you also want to have an amazing view!

Bridge over the clouds with a flag at the end in Glacier 3000 Switzerland

5. Walking on the shores of Lake Geneva

There are so many nice cities around Lake Geneva that you just have to pick one and visit it! We would recommend Montreux or Nyon and don’t miss sunrise or sunset, it could be pretty wonderful!

Sunrise over the sea and a bridge in Nyon Switzerland
Here, in Nyon at the sunrise

6. Strolling through the old city of Zurich

Zürich is the economic capital of Switzerland but it’s also a gorgeous city! We recommend to go for the thermal baths. You can bath in old beer tanks and enjoy a view all over the city!

View of a church and old buildings near a lake in Zurich Switzerland

7. Going to the Creux-du-Van and enjoying a fondue, the traditional Swiss dish

The Creux-du-Van, a natural rocky cirque, is a wonder of nature in the canton of Neuchâtel! You can go for a hike and then, as a reward, enjoy a fondue, the traditional Swiss dish!

view over a valley with a man above the emptiness in Creux du Van Switzerland

8. Admiring the Kappelbrücke (Chapel Bridge) in Luzern

This world famous bridge is the emblem of the city of Luzern and is definitely a must-see!

Kappelbrücke bridge over the lake in a cloudy day in Luzern Switzerland

9. Jumping from a bridge in Valle Verzasca

Switzerland is divided in different zones with different languages. Valle Verzasca is in the Italian part, which is a lovely one! Don’t miss to visit this place as it is so beautiful!

Old sorry bridge over a river in Valle Verzasca in Ticino Switzerland

10. Strolling around the Lavaux and tasting some of the best wines of Switzerland

Lavaux is a small region around Lake Geneva which is famous for its wines! Find a spot, order some wine and enjoy the view!

View of Lake Geneva and the vineyards in Lavaux Switzerland

Our tips:

  • When in Montreux, going there at the end of the day to enjoy a magnificent sunset is a must.
    Winter is also a great time to go to Montreux to drink mulled wine to warm up during the Christmas Market, which is so cute!
  • Valle Verzasca has become a very popular destination for tourists, so it is better to arrive early to avoid all the people!
  • The best time to visit Lavaux is during Summer or Fall as the colours of the vines are the more beautiful! It is also the best time of the year to enjoy a good glass of wine in a terrace overlooking the Lavaux. Le Deck, for example, is a great spot!

Do not hesitate to check our other articles, many more are coming soon! You can also follow our adventures on Instagram!


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